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Is This a Rundown Carl Maston House in Hollywood Heights?

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Chronically overlooked LA architect Carl Maston has finally been getting some play lately--his Hillside House was on the MAK Tour this year and his rather lovely house on Marmont Avenue is currently listed by Glee creator Ryan Murphy--but is he back to being Carl Who-ston already? This listing for a vacant and "as is" three bedroom house in Hollywood Heights says it has "a lot of potentials," and a "big back yard good for entertainment." But it doesn't mention an architect, and the rumor is it's a Maston. We can't find any evidence (several of his works are listed in An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, but not this one), but the one listing photo isn't unconvincing. Asking price for an empty, no-name-listed fixer in the Hills? $1.1 million.
· 7129 LA PRESA Dr [Redfin]