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City Buys Part of 3670 Wilshire Boulevard for New Koreatown Park

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Remember when neighbors around Wilshire and Hobart were clamoring for a park at 3670 Wilshire, site of some once-proposed tower craziness? Christmas comes early for Koreatown residents. Today, the Community Redevelopment Agency announced that they are using state funds to purchase a portion of the land (the whole lot is 2.2 acres). A .69-acre parcel park is forthcoming and will include a playground, playfield, community garden, walking loop with exercise stations and picnic area, according to the CRA. In all, seven new, Los Angeles City parks will be built with $29.1 million in state funding. No word on what's happening with the rest of the plot.

La Mirada Park - $1.2 million will be used to acquire a .17-acre parcel at the northwest corner of LaMirada and Serrano avenues in Hollywood.

Midway Zocalo Park - $5 million will be used to expand Lafayette Park in Westlake. An adjacent .66-acre parcel, currently a parking lot, will be acquired and a central plaza, playground, play field, picnic area and landscaping created.

Nevin Avenue Elementary School Park - $2.8 million will create a pocket park on .26 acres surrounded on three sides by Nevin Elementary School.

Yale Street Park - $4.9 million will be used to acquire a .58-acre parcel in Chinatown on Teed Street, an unbuilt street that exists only on maps and portions of adjacent public and privately owned parcels.

Slauson-Wall Park - $4.9 million will help develop a seven-acre former industrial site in the Ascot Place neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

Vermont Median Park - $4.9 million will create a 2.8-acre, 60-foot- wide median park along Vermont Avenue in South LA between Gage and Florence Avenues.

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