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Schindler/Ain Duplex Not Being Stripped and Sold For Parts on eBay

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You really can get everything on eBay, from cadmium-tainted Ewok drinking glasses to walk-on roles on network sitcoms to "Original SCHINDLER and AIN interiors - COMPLETE !" A tipster sent us an ad for that last one, which said these complete interiors came from the Rudolph Schindler/Gregory Ain duplex in the Cahuenga Pass, and that "Highest bidder takes all the interior installations down to the house's studs." Starting bid: $5,000. Meanwhile we hear the property, which came on the market in July, has just sold.

A source tells us that while it was someone on the buyer's side who made the eBay listing, the buyer is saying the it was a mistake and the listing has been taken down. Our source says the buyer plans to combine the two units into a single family house and strip out carpets, but otherwise, he's a Schindler fan and says he doesn't want to destroy the thing. The seller, a woman in her nineties who grew up in the house, played with Schindler's children, and remembers when Ain lived in and remodeled one side of the duplex, was distraught over the eBay listing and considered canceling the sale. But with the listing down and reassurances made, the sale closed today at a reported price of $630,000.
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