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Post-Cornfield: LA State Historic Park Actually Moving Forward?

It's been a while since we've heard anything on the plan to fully convert the former Cornfield space near Chinatown into a 32-acre park; blame budget cuts and bond issues for the slowdown (the Cornfield area has more recently been in the news because the proposed high-speed rail could cut through, or under, it). But now the website for the Los Angeles State Historic Park, the official name for the proposed green space, announces that a meeting will take place on December 9th to discuss advancements. Considering the economy, a "more modest design and realistic approach to park development" is being floated by park officials and San Francisco-based Hargreaves Associates, which is doing the design. While that sounds depressing, the revised park plan that will be shown at the meeting next month won't be completely bare bones, it'll include a "welcome station pavilion, grand promenade, an interpretative play area, an archeological display site that highlights the former railroad roundhouse on the site, an amphitheatre, a farmer’s market area, trails throughout the park, wetland areas, and green open spaces for multiple activities." Thirteen acres of the-park-formerly-known-as-the-Cornfield is currently available to the public. Rendering via Hargreaves Associates
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