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Should Sheriff Character Patrol Other Characters on Hollywood Blvd?

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The Daily News reports that a guy named Howard Ferguson wants to work as a so-called "honorary sheriff" on Hollywood Boulevard and patrol those sometimes-troublesome costumed characters. Via the News: Ferguson is working to 'appoint himself to this role [of honorary sheriff].. He doesn't represent any established organization like the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He's simply someone with an idea who knows and loves the boulevard. He's done some acting, enough to earn a Screen Actors Guild card. He says he once sold drugs down here, served time, and now sells sight-seeing tours. But it took Ferguson years to figure out how to be a part of the boulevard itself, to help preserve the historic movie houses and legendary restaurants and promote an area he admires so much." But it's not clear the characters want Sheriff Woody telling them what to do. The News tracks down Donn Harper, an Elmo impersonator who says that Ferguson's plan to corral the characters and move them "further east of the Kodak Theatre might work, but some characters are too free-spirited. They want to do their own thing."
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