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Downtown's Little Tokyo Lofts Auction Sells 22 Units [UPDATED]

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According to a rep for Sheldon Good, the company that held an auction yesterday for downtown's Little Tokyo Lofts, all 22 units offered at the auction sold at yesterday's event at the Sheraton (23 were advertised to be auctioned off, but an unfinished one was never listed for sale). In terms of the price range of what sold, on the high end, Unit 608, a 1,500 square foot two-bedroom originally priced at $1.2 million sold for $393,750. On the low end, Unit 306, an 864-square foot one-bedroom originally priced at $275,000 sold for $173,250, according to the rep. Starting bids were $75,000. UPDATE: After the jump, a graph of final high bids. These bids don't include the "buyer's premium" charged by the auction company, so that's why these prices are slightly different than what's quoted above.

· Little Tokyo Lofts [Curbed LA]

Little Tokyo Lofts

420 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90013