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Angelyne's Short Sale Malibu Condo Exactly What You'd Expect

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Oh Angelyne. She's sacrificed her life to embodying everybody's worst and weirdest ideas about Los Angeles, and she just keeps on giving to the cause. Her three bedroom, four bathroom condo is totally predictable style-wise, but also, as Real Estalker says, "hint[s] at an unspeakable loneliness we can't contemplate." The townhouse "needs TLC & upgrades," according to the listing, and like Angelyne's billboards, it's been way over-leveraged. RE says she paid $530,000 in 2000, and she's now selling for $575,000, as a short sale. (HOAs are $750). On the bright side, RE also dug up a legal last name: L'lyne! That would look great spelled out in marabou feathers.
· Angelyne the Billboard Queen Sellin' Short in the Bu [Real Estalker]