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Who Knows the Hancock Lofts Rents, 855 Croft Sales Check

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: What are the rents for the newly rentable Hancock Lofts? Good question. A press rep for the developer didn't get back to us, but a tipster who called this weekend tells us he was told by the leasing rep that rents are as follows: One-bedrooms from $2,800-$3,400 and the two-bedrooms range from $3,500-$5,800. Whether this is the final price, or whether it will change next weekend as CIM Group figures out pricing, we can't say. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Not too far from West Hollywood, 855 Croft is now 30 percent closed, and 20 percent are in contract. You may remember this 33-unit, SPF:a Architects'-designed condo building for its blue paneling. Sample pricing: A 1,395 square foot two-bedroom is asking $733,200. [Curbed InBox]