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Manhattan Beach Haunted House Likely Not Returning Next Year

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For people so obsessed with creating haunted houses, Rick and Dana Thornton of Manhattan Beach clearly did not heed bad omens. This was the thirteenth year they spent most of October building a front yard haunted house "with the help of friends, neighbors and Rick's employees," and it looks like it was the last. According to Manhattan Beach Patch, someone's complained to the city that the haunted yard is a fire hazard and not up to code. The Thorntons say they've already spent $20,000 on parts over the last 13 years (not to mention storage costs) and they aren't sure they'll be able to switch it all out for fire safe versions for next year. Rick Thornton admits that the "black, plastic tent-like structure that covers most of the Thorntons' driveway and front yard" is "an eyesore."
· Safety of Haunted House Questioned [MB Patch]