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Marina del Rey's Azzurra Best Place to Fend Off Alien Attack

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A reader and architect booster writes in to let us know he's seen the trailer for Skyline, a Los Angeles-set alien invasion movie that's about to open: "While I can't stand movies that pit a small group of people against an alien super species in an attempt to save the human race, I just wanted to point out that almost this entire movie was shot in a single [Marina Del Rey] condo complex." The complex is GMP Architects' Azzurra, which judging by the trailer has fireplaces, glass walls, an atrium, a subterranean garage, views of both downtown and the ocean, and a helipad. Although probably at least some of that is movie magic. After the jump are a few more comparisons and the latest Skyline trailer, which, oh boy, really has all the elements (eg a guy screaming "Don't you get it!?").

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