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Metro Offers Tidbits on Elusive Valley to Westside Plan

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Seems like everything from the Westside subway to the Regional Connector are coming into focus--that is, except maybe the juiciest transit proposal of 'em all: a Valley to Westside connection over, around, above, or under the hell that is the 405 (the under-construction carpool lane is a different project). "What's up with that?" asked LAist last week about the mysterious 405 line, which has yet to start planning, even though the project has funding through Measure R, and possibly the 30/10 plan should that come to fruition. What say ye, Metro?

"Scoping work has not begun on this project, but it is planned along the 4-mile section of the I-405 Freeway that connects the San Fernando Valley with West Los Angeles," says Metro's spokesman Dave Sotero. "Project alternatives include light rail option along the corridor, providing bus-only on- and off-ramps for bus rapid transit service on the I-405 carpool lanes, and implementing peak-hour bus rapid transit lanes on the freeway shoulders."

Metro's not saying when scoping will start, but it sounds like a subway's out. Can they get a light-rail train on top of the 405, ala the Gold Line and the 210? Time will tell.

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