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Work Starts on Orange Line Bikeway, Metro Mulls New Cycling Plans

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A lot of news out of the LA Department of Transportation's bike blog. Firstly, the LADOT updated its bike project map earlier this week with a lot of juicy stuff for Valley cyclists: construction has begun on the bike path that will parallel the Orange Line northern extension to the Chatsworth Metrolink station. The 4-mile busway extension and bike path is scheduled to open in 2012. Two bike lane projects, one on Wentworth Street and one on Reseda Boulevard "have been moved from In Design to Pending Work Orders," while two proposed bike lanes on Woodman Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard are now in the design process.

And happening this morning was a meeting of Metro’s Executive Management & Audit Committee, where the group was asked to take action on proposed directives pushed by the mayor to make Metro more bike-friendly, including doubling spending on bike projects, making Metro stations more bike-amenable, adding a third rack to city buses (they currently have two), and working with the LA County Sheriff on ways to curtail bike theft. These proposals are separate from the city's draft bike plan, which is being refined and will next be discussed at a planning commission meeting on December 16th. Current Orange Line bike path from merider-M.E. via flickr
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