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Whittier Narrows Museum to Be Built on Ancient Gabrieleno Burial Ground?

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[Conceptual site plan via EIR; artist's rendering via DEIR]
Jeez. It's like no one saw Pet Sematary. The Friends of the Whitter Narrows Natural Area and the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians are fighting a water and nature museum planned for the Whittier Narrows Natural Area, saying that besides harming plants and wildlife, "the project would destroy sacred ground that the tribe originally inhabited, potentially disturbing their ancestors' remains and harming ancient artifacts," according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The San Gabriel Valley Discovery Center Authority has already approved an environmental impact report for a 14,000 square foot museum that would replace an existing nature center with an interpretive center, outdoor classrooms, a riparian wetland area, and walkways, according to the EIR. Construction is expected to cost $22 million, with funding coming from state and local grants and regional water agencies. The Authority tells the SGVT that they plan to break ground in late 2011 and finish in 2013.
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