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Corona del Mar's Portabello Estate Comes With a Free Mall*

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This house is where Iron Man would live, we think, if he were a Hobbit with a robot maid. And had teenage kids he wanted to keep an eye on. This is the Portabello Estate, a 22,000 square foot house in Corona del Mar that just sold. It has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, two saltwater pools, and a mall. A mall! With a streetscape and diner, a bowling alley (including shoe rental apparently), a movie theater, and a Kay's Jewelers (what could the franchising deal there possibly be?). Portabello was designed by Brion Jeannette, and was first listed for sale in 2006, asking $75 million (it was called the most expensive house in California). It's just sold for $34.1 million, *plus a $7 million property, to an LLC managed by an entrepreneur and philanthropist (what else?).
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