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Gilt Groupe Sample Sale, Hello Kitty Carnival, More on 7th+Fig

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Photo by Maricel Sison
COMMERCE: Racked compares the opening of an Ed Hardy store at the Citadel Outlets to "a movie that doesn't get theatrical or TV distribution but instead debuts in the dollar bin at Wal-Mart." Worst of all, no one's biting on Christian Audigier's house.

HOLLYWOOD: Racked got two different takes on the first Gilt Groupe sample sale, but the overall verdict was lots of meh and a little bit of wonderful.

SANTA MONICA: The Barker Hangar is currently stuffed full with the bubbleguminess of Sanrio popup Small Gift. You'll find Hello Kitty waffle irons, a Ferris wheel, and mini-golf inside, plus "so many females, ranging in age from infancy to well into their 50s, meticulously attired in Hello Kitty finery."

DOWNTOWN: Fake store names on renderings are always good for a laugh, but turns out that Northstem Rack, we mean Nordstrom Rack, is actually "being courted" for the planned 7th+Fig Target project.
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