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Maira Kalman Furnishes the Skirball, Women in Architecture

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Philip Johnson Glass House by Maira Kalman, courtesy of the artist and Julie Saul Gallery, New York
BRENTWOOD: Starting this week, the Skirball Cultural Center is hosting Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World), the first major museum exhibition for author, illustrator, and designer Maira Kalman. You may know Kalman from her And the Pursuit of Happiness blog at the New York Times, her Max the dog books, or her M&Co. design work with late husband Tibor Kalman. Kalman has furnished the Skirball gallery with some of her own possessions, and our cousin Curbed National has a sneak preview of some of the pieces on display. [Curbed National]

HOLLYWOOD: Tomorrow is the last day to postmark submissions for 13.3%, an upcoming exhibition on gender and architecture at the Woodbury University Hollywood Exhibitions gallery. (That title is the percentage of female architects.) All submissions will be exhibited December 4-January 14. [Curbed Inbox]