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Temporary Injunction Means Characters Are Safe On the Boulevard

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But did Superman ever leave? Photo taken Oct 17th
Back in May and June, Los Angeles and the LAPD did what Lex Luthor, the Joker, the Green Goblin, and Magneto never could--they got the superheroes off the streets. Specifically Hollywood Boulevard. But in August, several characters filed suit against the city and several LAPD officers, and yesterday a judge granted a temporary injunction, which means no more character arrests (for now)! The Los Angeles Independent says the ruling "found that officers unfairly enforced city ordinances against solicitation, loitering and sidewalk blocking," and that "the police 'selectively and impermissibly'' targeted the characters to prevent them from performing and soliciting tips." The characters' lawyer, Carol Sobel, called the injunction "a victory for the First Amendment." While this means the characters can return to the boulevard, some already have. Catwoman was spotted on Monday on the boulevard, and Superman seems to have never left--we took the above photo on October 17th. Meanwhile, a date for the trial hasn't been set yet, probably because they're still trying to find a courtroom big enough to hold all the people who are going to want to watch that.
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