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Ok Go Parade Electronically Scribbles All Over North Central

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[Parade image via Hello Evoque]
Yep, Ok Go is still pulling off pretty cool publicity stunts, and Curbed is still trying to pull off the name North Central. Yesterday, the band, a flock of followers, and some wagons full of amps spent several hours tramping around Los Feliz and East Hollywood, playing music and spelling out "OK GO" using a journey-tracking app (sponsored by a new Range Rover that's "inspired by the city"). Going by their Twitter feed, the parade started around 2:30 pm, stopped for dinner, and stretched into the night, finishing up around 10 pm, while the band played their own songs and such classics as "Eye of the Tiger" and "Aiko Aiko." According to the app, they covered about 7.8 miles. While the event was well-hyped, the location was kept top secret, so we're going to guess the parade was not quite permitted.

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