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Chinatown-Adjacent Rio Ranch Landing Near Italian-Themed Orsiniville

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The Downtown News reports that Rio Ranch Market, a Riverside-based grocery chain, will open its first market in Los Angeles on Cesar Chavez Ave, kitty corner to the new Performing Arts School on Grand Avenue, and right near Chinatown. This stretch of Cesar Chavez Ave will be a mash-up of Tuscan-inspired architecture, Chinese residents, and according to Yelp reviews of Rio Ranch Market, tasty carne asada. The experts are bullish on the mix. Ruben Guerra, chairman and CEO of the Downtown-based Latin Business Association, tells the News: “Members of the Chinese community like to eat Mexican food as much as Mexicans like to eat Chinese food, and the same with other cultures,” he said.
· New Supermarket Coming to Downtown [Downtown News]