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Fake Afghan Village Smells, Sounds, Makes Heroin Just Like Real Thing

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Not brought to you by Walt and his band of Imagineers: a 130,000 square foot faux Afghan Village that opened today at Camp Pendleton, "complete with bazaar stalls, a small mosque, mounds of broken concrete, ersatz corn and poppy fields, drooping telephone wires, a heroin production mill and two-story buildings where snipers and Taliban sympathizers may lurk," reports the LA TImes. The Infantry Immersion Trainer (approximate translation from the Pashto) was designed to prepare Marines for their work in Helmand province, and includes smell generators, sound systems, animals pens with fake sheep, "and crude labs for making roadside bombs." The village cost $28.5 million and is stocked with fake Afghan security forces. Just like at Epcot. Image via the LAT
· Mock Afghan village at Camp Pendleton aims to prepare troops for combat [LAT]