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Clarett's Blvd6200 Looking to Break Ground in January

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View from Hollywood Blvd, looking towards hills
Barring any lawsuits, New York-based Clarett Group is looking to break ground on its Blvd6200 project this January, Benjamin Reznik, lobbyist for the developer said yesterday following a city hearing regarding the apartment and retail complex. Clarett recently filed building permits with the city for its six-story, Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh-designed project, which will bring 1,014 new apartment units, and 175,000 square feet of commercial-retail space, to both sides of Hollywood Boulevard, between Argyle and El Centro Avenues. But is there a wrinkle to this Hollywood story? Naturally. The filing of building permits--the building was approved by the city years ago and has been delayed due to the economy --kicked up an appeal by homeowner Margarita Allen. Represented by well-known land use attorney Robert Silverstein, Allen's appeal questions the haul route of the construction trucks.

Silverstein's office asks, among other things, that haul trucks shall be staged onsite only, and no haul trucks be allowed to idle or park along Gower Street, Argyle Avenue, Carlos Avenue, or Vista Del Mar Avenue. At yesterday's Planning and Land Use Committee meeting to discuss the matter, Ms. Allen didn't appear, but Daniel Wright, attorney for Silverstein's office, spoke, arguing the city to consider the points raised in the appeal. Additionally, the appeal asks that start times be moved to 9:00 am on Saturdays, rather than 8:00am.

Representing Clarett, Reznik told the committee mitigation measures had already been addressed. “We find the appeal disturbing,” he said. The planning and land use committee panel sided with Clarett and recommended rejecting the appeal of the haul route for the project (which has been largely supported by the neighborhood). Will Silverstein, who often (and sometime successfully) sues over Hollywood development, sue over this one? Stay tuned.

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