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Latest James Corner Santa Monica Parks Plans Have Great Views

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Landscape architect James Corner and his firm Field Operations are back at the table with refined plans for the two Santa Monica Civic Center Parks, which take up seven acres between the 10 and Olympic. In September, Field Ops presented three schemes based on the local landscape and based on community feedback has settled on a modified version of the "Wash" concept, but with the views and topography of "Ravine" and the paths and trees of "Dune" incorporated, according to the Lookout News. The new plans include five overlooks with views of the Pier and other points of interest, large arches to create postcard-shaped views, a reflecting pool in front of Town Square, a light trellis, a restaurant and bar, and an outdoor cafe. Corner took another round of feedback at a meeting this past weekend, with the next one scheduled for January. He estimates construction will start in 2012 and the parks will open in 2014.
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