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Green Bungalow Shows Evolution of a "Chaplin Was Here" Listing

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Yep, this 1918 bungalow, situated conveniently between the 101, Cahuenga, and Franklin, was "once home to Charlie Chaplin," according to the listing. It has two bedrooms, a patio, hardwood floors, and a "washer & dryer hut" (!), and has been on the market since December 2009. Ugly Angel took a look at the listing back then, when it read: "commissioned by Cecil B. DeMille in the late teens to accommodate silent film stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow and Dorothy Gish!" So in under a year, the listing has not just pricechopped from $499,000 to $449,000, it's also moved from "he could have lived somewhere like this" to "he lived here." And that's how the Hollywood magic happens.
· 6427 DIX St [Redfin]
· Charlie wuz here? [Ugly Angel]