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Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock About to Get Even More Restored

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The Hollyhock House is one lucky Frank Lloyd Wright to be so doted on and cared for. It's gone through several restoration projects over the past decade and now here comes another--work on the garage, foundation, and roof, plus a seismic upgrade could begin before the year is out, according to the Los Feliz Ledger. A Canary Island pine whose roots are causing trouble will also be removed. Prep is already underway, with steel posts in place to anchor a temporary patio roof and metal sheathing installed on the roof. This latest project has $4.359 million, with money coming from the state, a National Park Service grant, seismic bonds, and Quimby fees. The paper reports that tours of the house and the summer Friday wine tastings will go on.
· Hollyhock Restoration (“Project Restore”) To Being by End of Year [Los Feliz Ledger]