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LA Auto Show Wonders, Lender Takes Back Sunset and Gordon

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DOWNTOWN: Coverage of the LA Auto Show, currently underway in downtown, is worth checking out simply for the wondrous photos. That strange-looking cricket of a car is "The Urban Luxury Concept," from Cadillac, a car meant for some tight city-living. Autoblog and Jalopnik have more galleries. [Luxist, Autoblog, Jalopnik]

HOLLYWOOD: No spaghetti special for you. Following news that a notice of default was filed earlier this year on the Sunset and Gordon corner in Hollywood, site of a planned Gerding Edlen project, the lender has taken back the parcel, according to a well-placed tipster. A rep for Seattle-based Washington Holdings didn't return a phone call, so we can only guess what will happen to this corner, which once held an Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant. [Curbed Staff]