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Don't Call It the Aqua Line: It's the Aqua-Colored Expo Line

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Won't it be nice to take the train to a Trojans game? The city waits in anticipation for that day--likely this summer when the new light-rail reaches at least Crenshaw Boulevard, possibly La Cienega. And for those wondering about the name of this line--unlike other lines, it won't be named for a color, according to Metro spokesman Rick Jager. "It will be called the Expo Line," he notes. "For mapping purposes only, the Aqua color will be used but the line will be called the Expo Line." In anticipation of the new line, we created our own, non-official Expo-included rail map with a notation for the recently-added Farmdale station.
· Little Love for Lime or Olive as Expo Line Colors [Curbed LA]