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Metro Weighs in on Wilshire Rush Hour Bus Lanes

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The Source's Steve Hymon reports that Metro staff recommendations for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit Project, which looks to add rush hour bus lanes in the curb lane of 8.7 miles of Wilshire Boulevard, are out. The Metro board will vote on the plan on December 9th. Key points: Bus riders will save 12-17 minutes via the lanes, and among a total of 74 intersections studied, the project would increase traffic delays at nine intersections near or along Wilshire, at 15 seconds or less. It's not clear how Beverly Hills feels about this project, but lane won't be offered in Beverly Hills because "Metro staff says they didn’t have time to consult with the city before applying for federal funding for the project in 2007 but that the bus lane could be added there in the future." Related: MTA will study whether to bring congestion pricing to other area highways, reports Streetsblog.
· Staff issues recommendations for Wilshire bus lane project [The Source]