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Great Gatsby Defies Skeptics, Starts Work on Second Phase

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Shot from Fountain
Some people were a tad skeptical that the Gatsby Hollywood, that single family home project at the corner of Wilcox and Fountain, would take off. Aesthetically, the project looks quite different than anything else in the neighborhood, and some critics wondered who would drop $600,000 plus to live in this scruffy section of Hollywood. (Case in point: Taggers have gone to town on Gatsby's "For Sale" signs.) Turns out there is a larger pool of buyers than you thought, skeptics! And it turns out plenty of people like the Craftsman-Cape Cod-Americana-nostalgia mash-up. Because having sold all 12 homes, MasterCraft Homes Group, based in Newport Beach, started pouring foundation about a week and half ago for phase 2. "They're anticipating finishing [Phase 2] by the first week of March," Danielle Walker-Beck, senior sales manager at Hollywood Gatsby tells us. These 12 single-family detached homes will offer the popular solar tax credit and likely offer be priced in the high 600,000s to low 700,000s, similar to the first round.
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