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Give Us Your Tired, Your Poorly-Designed Glendale Malls?

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Perhaps it's just a tactic to try and get the listing price dropped, but Rick Caruso certainly is not afraid to point out bad design. Following news that the Glendale Marketplace, that struggling retail center on Brand Boulevard (home to Mann's Theatres, Old Navy and more), is for sale, Caruso talks about the pros and cons of the site, which is right across from the developer's Americana project. Via the Glendale News Press: "Generally I would like to be buying more in Glendale," Caruso said. "I believe in Glendale. The problem with that project is that, in my opinion, it is so poorly designed that I don't know what you would do with it." Doesn't know what to do with it, oh dear. He goes on to tell the News: "I'd love to see more retail around us, whether we own it or someone else does." Meanwhile, this follows similar comments Caruso made earlier this year when talking about his interest in purchasing rival Glendale Galleria, also right around the corner from Americana. What he said at the time: "That’s a very tired mall. I would love to see, whether it’s us or somebody else, improve it.”
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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210