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Bermuda Triangle of Trader Joe's in Mid City West?

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MID CITY WEST: Sound like there was lots of talk about Trader Joe's stores at this past Tuesday's Mid City West Community Council. Cary Brazeman, who sits on the board, passes on word that the Neighborhood Council voted to oppose TJ’s application for a renewal of its conditional use permit to sell liquor at the Third and La Brea store. The council opposed the CUP out of principle--they want the store to address some of their concerns, according to Brazeman. He writes in an email: "The Neighborhood Council asked the grocer for a clear parking and traffic flow plan to improve the situation ? a working corner pedestrian entrance at Third and La Brea ? and more visibility in the windows." And brace yourself for this news: At the meeting, a rep for the Trader Joe's was there and the issue of opening a Trader Joe's opening in the new AF Gilmore building on Fairfax (at 3rd) was brought up. Mark Panatier, vice president for AF Gilmore, didn't immediately return a call, so we can't confirm a store is actually opening there. But as Brazeman points out that if this happens, "we will have three TJ’s in our Neighborhood Council midst: La Brea and Third / Fairfax and Third / Burton and San Vicente." That would be a lot of Two Buck Chuck. [Curbed InBox]