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Montecito Heights Solar Panel Project Is Back On

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Despite objections from local homeowners who worried both about the safety of those hillside solar panels in Montecito Heights, and complained the large panels were unsightly, Eastsider LA reports that following yesterday's City Council meeting, the nursing home will be allowed to finish its installation of more than 1,400 solar panels. "Reyes spokesman Tony Perez said work can resume but the city, which was threatened with legal action by Broadview’s contractors, will work on a system that would allow Broadview to relocate some solar panels off their property at a later date but still benefit from financial incentives and subsidies for generating solar power." Amid complaints, the city ordered a temporary halt to the instillation. Meanwhile, Eastsider LA also quotes a story in Occidental Magazine that states the "college’s board of trustees have tentatively approved the installation of 5,000 solar panels on a hillside near the school’s soccer fields." Image of panels via Eastsider LA
· Work on Solar Panels to Resume [Eastsider LA]