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It's Over, Clo: Santa Monica Approves Controversial San Vicente Project

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The Lookout News reports the Santa Monica City Council voted to reject an appeal over Texas developer Trammell Crow's 20-unit luxury condo building, a move which will allow the demolition of a 47-unit peach-colored apartment complex, home of Santa Monica's first female mayor, Clo Hoover. One councilman, Kevin McKeown, abstained from voting, citing alleged mistreatment of the former tenants. "'Every time I drive by this site, I am going to feel shame at how this community was unable to protect its residents and its history,' said McKeown, also referring to how the Landmarks Commission had approved the apartment complex as a landmark because it was home to the City’s first female mayor, but this was later overturned by the council," according to the News. Trammell Crow made tenants sign confidential documents that forbid them from speaking out against the project in order to receive relocation benefits, and while Gregory Ames, a principal at Trammell, admitted that "gag clauses had been included in the relocation benefits agreements, they were later removed when they became an issue," according to the paper. Meanwhile, other City Council members quoted in the story defend this new project, saying Trammell Crow listened to the public to come up with a compromise development, which will rise on a coveted block of Santa Monica.
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