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Mas Mexican on 7th, Beefy Van Nuys, Grove Bakery Explained, Eater Award Winners

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Downtown's Mas Malo

DOWNTOWN: Eater has some beautiful shots of the under-construction Mas Malo--the downtown outpost of the Silver Lake standby. The space, on burgeoning 7th Street, looks ideal for fancy clothes and good tequila.

VAN NUYS: Valley carnivores have a new eden with the recently-opened Smoke City Market on Van Nuys Boulevard. This is Texas BBQ, as opposed to Memphis, and looks quite affordable, with most sandwiches and plates running between $5 to $8.

3RD AND FAIRFAX: Maybe you've driven or strolled around the Grove and noticed that trippy Disneyland-esque structure outside the parking garage. Well, it is indeed a real life bakery--called the Wonderland--where you can customize your treats, e.g. putting your face on a cupcake. Do frosting and car fumes go well together?

LOS ANGELES: Winners were announced for the Eater Awards, including the LA version. You're just going to have to click here to see who took home the coveted tomato can awards.
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