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"Yellow Ribbon Vs. Red Tape": Vet Wants to Tie Up Hollywood Sign

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Newport Beach-based ex-Marine David Weiss had big, $11,000 plans to drape the Hollywood Sign in a yellow ribbon for Veterans Day (tomorrow), but it's not gonna happen and he's blaming City Councilmember Tom LaBonge. Weiss says LaBonge agreed last month that he'd get the ribbon put up, but LaBonge says he only told Weiss he'd put him in touch with the Hollywood Sign Trust to discuss the matter. LaBonge also offered to put up a yellow ribbon on City Hall, but Weiss told the LA Times "I object to it on a number of different levels...I appreciated that there was some gesture made, but it was a difficult gesture to maneuver. I'm talking about putting a fabric on a hunk of tin in the middle of the mountains. That is infinitely easier." Weiss protested outside City Hall today alongside one of LaBonge's challengers in the upcoming March elections. (Here's the Daily News' headline on the stunt: "Wrap a yellow ribbon around Election 2011.") The last time the sign was covered was to promote the sale of the peak to the Trust for Public Land.
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