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Frank Gehry-Designed Cubist Compound on Melrose

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The listing describes this is a very rare offering, which it is. Gaze upon Frank Gehry's Danziger Studio and Residence, a two-bedroom at 7001 Melrose Avenue. In their book, "An architectural guidebook to Los Ángeles," David Gebhard, Robert Winter write: "This small studio building was one of Frank Gehry’s first buildings to be widely published. Though restrained compared to his current work, the Danziger Studio building indicates how he was moving from the world of traditional architecture to sculpture as architecture. Minimal architecture at its best." The listing for the home, listed calls it "an interpretation of a Cubist Compound of distinctly separate Live-Work areas, yet eloquently enjoined by rising walls of stacked casement windowed towers and reflective light." On the downside, a Redfin commenter calls it a "tagger's dream." Gehry-made will cost you $1.395 million.
· 7001 MELROSE Avenue [Redfin]