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Glendale's DMV Office Latest Victim of the Economy

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Anyone who has suffered through the lines at a Department of Motor Vehicles office knows that a county office, instead of Los Angeles proper, is always a better way cut wait times. But terrible news to pass on: The Glendale DMV outpost is shutting down. Damn you, recession! The Glenoaks Blvd office was supposed to re-open today after a nearly $1 million renovation, but instead the office will simply close "due to limited staffing resources," according to the Glendale News Press. The Santa Maria and West Covina DMV offices are also shutting down. More via GNP: "Keeping the offices open proved to be a challenge for DMV officials, who had struggled with staffing issues and numerous vacancies, [DMV spokeswoman Jan] Mendoza said. DMV officials haven't been able to fill those vacancies because of statewide budget cuts, she added.

"We could have kept them open, but it would have been really difficult to keep up with customer service," Mendoza said."
· DMV closes refurbished Glenoaks branch [Glendale News Press]