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Covina-Area Car Hoarder Rankles the Neighborhood

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Meet Mark Shoff. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Shoff, who lives in an unincorporated area west of Covina, owns dozens of cars, and is treating the block like "his own personal parking lot," according to one local resident. He allegedly rolls the cars to avoid any marks left by police, according to the paper. Here's the scene: "Shoff lives in the 16000 block of Kingside Drive, and keeps five vehicles - none showing registration more recent than 1999 - crammed in his front driveway. About 10 other cars are parked nearby, many of them showing overdue tags from June and July.

Neighbors say Shoff's backyard is a blackened jungle of discarded car parts, and one tire is perched on a brick wall near an access gate. The house, which Shoff shares with his 81-year-old mother, is kept dark. The windows are obscured by blinds.

'I think it's just very inconsiderate,' said Henry Sanabria, whose backyard abuts Shoff's.' "This is basically a nuisance.' Locals started a petition to get the county involved with the situation, and one disgruntled neighbor moved out of the area. Supervisor Mike Antonovich's office is watching the situation, but there is no limit to the number of cars one can own, according to the DMV. According to records, Shoff owns 48 cars. He doesn't keep any parked on the grass, since that is illegal.
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