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Westchester Businesses Fear LAX's Northward Expansion

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The Los Angeles Business Journal weighs in on the fracas over LAX's expansion plans, a move that may result in some Sepulveda Boulevard business owners--everyone from In-N-Out Burger to Tarpy Tailors--being forced out to make room for the North Airfield. Via the LABJ: "Westchester store owners believe the plan will lead to a northward expansion of the airport, and they fear being among 500 businesses that may have to move or close as a result...

Local business leaders said their biggest concern is the proposed reconfiguration of the airport’s North Airfield, which calls for moving at least one runway as far as 400 feet to the north for safety reasons. While the runways would stay within airport boundaries, they said runway protection zones mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration would require an unknown number of Westchester buildings bordering the airport to be seized and demolished under eminent domain." Hearings about the matter are scheduled for this week, but it's worth remembering this is an ongoing fight: The Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion sued previously over expansion plans, but the Tom Bradley International Terminal was allowed to go forward amid the legal settlement, according to the LABJ.
· Fight Path [LABJ]

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