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Broad Beach Will Let You Back in Really Soon

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Malibu's Broad Beach is pretty close to being wiped out forever, says the LA Times: "Unless drastic measures are taken, rising sea levels and heavy sand loss from severe storms and a stationary seawall are likely to cause what was once one of the widest expanses of open beach in the region to disappear." And like feudal lords under Barbarian assault, the wealthy residents there are erecting massive walls and shutting off access to the plebs. Back in February the Coastal Commission granted the Broad Beach homeowners an emergency permit to build a $4 million, 8 foot tall seawall. The two public entrances to the beach were locked up and have stayed that way since, even though the seawall was finished in April, complete with pretty steps from the homes to the beach. The homeowners say that public pathways, stairs, and handrails are still under construction so they can't open up the gates, and that delays have been caused by permitting and building issues. According to the LAT, steps and handrails were at one point installed, but inspectors found them to be "deficient and unsafe." The Coastal Commission has not been pleased with the lengthy construction and has been on the homeowners to finish up.
· Construction by Malibu homeowners stirs up anger over public beach access [LAT]