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Caruso Enters the Encino Barnes & Noble Fracas

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Damn you, iPad! Like you, Caruso mourns the death of the bookstore
Encino Patch covers the drama over the closure of the Barnes & Noble in the Rick Caruso-owned Encino Marketplace. A CVS drug store will replace the bookstore, news which isn't being received well by some Encino residents, who have launched a Facebook page to fight for the store. They're also attacking developer Caruso, according to Encino Patch, blaming him for the store's closing. But Caruso took to the Facebook page to defend himself: "...Last year we reduced [Barnes & Noble's] rent to encourage them to stay open, nonetheless, in the end they decided to close due to a lack of sales at this location. I love having bookstores on our properties. They are a great amenity for the community and a great core tenant for us, but unfortunately we must accept that Barnes & Noble recognizes the retail book landscape has changed and is examining store closings, strategic alternatives and even a possible sale." Meanwhile, some people say they will boycott the CVS.
· Residents Take to Facebook to Protest Barnes & Noble's Departure [Encino Patch]