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Brewery ArtWalk This Weekend, 7th + Fig Rumormill

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Via Flicker user Pinkyracer
LINCOLN HEIGHTS: Enjoy the beer, the boho living at the Brewery Artwalk in Lincoln Heights, taking place this weekend. More info this way. [Artwalk]

DOWNTOWN: Throw another log on the bonfire that is the Target downtown rumormill. Today, a big press release went out announcing that Brookfield Properties, which owns the 7th+Fig shopping mall--where a Target is rumored to be headed--has appointed Charles Dunn Co. as exclusive retail leasing agent. Previously, Brookfield Properties had no outside leasing agent, so it sounds like they're gearing up for something big. Meanwhile, a source tells us leasing deals at the mall will likely be announced at the end of this year or early next. [Curbed InBox]