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Fashion Week Will Get Its Own Home on Grand Avenue, More

VENICE: Daringly diverse denim line Pray for Mother Nature makes your regular jeggings, flares, and straight legs, but also shift dresses, blazers, and "even denim cardigans." Between the laid back style and the celebrity sighting at the launch party, Racked says "everything about this brand is so LA it hurts."

DOWNTOWN: Sorry to everyone with American Apparel-related schadenfreude--the company's primary lender is working with it on new loan terms. But! "American Apparel still has a buttload of mountains to move, including getting back on the SEC's good side, figuring out their immigrant workforce issues, smoothing out the accounting scandal, and least, but certainly not least?making and selling clothes that people want again."

HOLLYWOOD/DOWNTOWN: LA Fashion Week will be getting its very own Grand Avenue Village in February, but for the edition that starts this month there'll be "a curious hodgepodge of events that are scattered mostly in Hollywood and Downtown."
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