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Two Years After Christmas Massacre, Covina Land Up For Sale

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Just in time for Halloween, here's a property with a truly ghastly past. On Christmas Eve 2008, Joseph and Alicia Ortega were having a family party here when their daughter's newly-ex-husband, Bruce Pardo, dressed as Santa Claus, came in and started shooting. Pardo then spread fuel around the house and set it on fire. Nine people died, and Pardo killed himself the next day. "After the ruins of the house were cleared, the property went through probate and is now owned by the Ortegas' heirs," says the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and now they've put the 12,110 square foot lot up for sale asking $288,000. The listing agent tells the paper the murders haven't been a problem: "A lot of people don't mind...They just don't have the money at this time."
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