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West LA's Santa Monica Plaza Arriving by Summer 2011

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Back in 2009, Beverly Hills-based Maxxam Enterprises and Los Angeles-based Wiseman were trying to sell the site of this now-under construction apartment project at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Federal Avenue. Now, Maxxam has now dropped out, and Wiseman continues to be a partner in the LLC that owns it, according to Michael Cohanzad, an agent at Wiseman, and work is continuing. So much for selling. Construction workers can be seen hammering away six days a week on this thing, which will open in summer 2011. Designed by Killefer Flammang Architects, the project will have 63 apartments, 11,200 square feet of retail/restaurant space and two levels of subterranean parking. Prospective renters, this neighborhood will soon be getting a fancy new grocery store, as well.
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