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Of Course Christian Audigier's House Comes With a Rolls

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The man who brought rhinestone tattoo art to the asses of the Jersey Shore cast now brings "a serene paradise of classic elegance" to the real estate market. Designer Christian Audigier has listed his seven bedroom, seven bathroom, million tuft house, which sits on nearly an acre in Hancock Park. We already knew he had a leather and fox fur bed, but who could've predicted he'd let a 14-year-old girl decorate his living room (she did kind of a cool job)? The house comes with its own Rolls Royce Phantom 5, and while Mama over at Real Estalker would prefer a few hundred thousand dollars knocked off the price, we say the smart buyer swaps the car for the headless hippo. The listing, by the way, calls the property "fully gated," but it's not clear how high that fence is. Audigier sued the city last year, claiming discrimination because he was told to drop his fence from 6'2" to 3'6". Asking price is $8.299 million.
· 600 South MUIRFIELD Rd [Redfin]
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