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Dublin's Closes in Downtown, LudoBites to the Valley, Cereal and Cheese in Pasadena, Greek on the Row

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DOWNTOWN: We got good news and we got bad news. We do bad first here. Dublin's, the downtown take on the former Sunset Strip meat market/brewpub, has shuttered after a month. It sounds like they may re-open, however. On the flip side, the Arts District has a handsome Jetsons-esque wine bar opening up this month called Swill Automatic.

SHERMAN OAKS: Lucky people in the Valley will be treated to a pop-up LudoBites, which opens on Ventura. The short stint lasts until early December. Opening is October 20, but they start taking reservations on the 12th. Details here.

PASADENA: Are there a lot of stoners in Pasadena? If so, the new Mix n' Munch may stand a chance--their specialty is cereal and grilled cheese.

RESTAURANT ROW: The dearth of Greek restaurants in this city is getting addressed with the opening of Xandros on La Cienega. Doors open Saturday and expect live Greek dancers.
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