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Colorful Birds and Volcanoes Arrive in Highland Park

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The Casas Arte Home Intervention Project in Tijuana brought colorful murals to homes in run-down looking sections of that city, and now the beautification project arrives here, reports LA Forward. "With the art, it brought life, it brought color, it brought some hope," LA artist Daniel Ruiz says of the Tijuana houses and the idea of why it was needed in LA. One house has already been completed here--artists from the Avenue 50 studio painted a Gold Line-adjacent house on Marmion Way in Highland Park with yellow plumerias, a blue bird, volcanoes, and a pink sunrise (the homeowner wanted the mural to reflect her mother's native Nicaragua). The homeowner also got a poem tattooed on the side of her house. The artists plan on painting 10 more Gold Line-area homes. Perhaps you'll request a Jimmy Buffett-style "Margaritaville" scene on your Craftsman?

· Plumerias, Palm Trees, and Volcanoes on the Gold Line [LA Forward]