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SPF:a Heads to Studio City for Woodbridge 12

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People get pretty excited about Studio Pali Fekete Architects' (SPF:a) designs, which include everything from residential homes to commercial buildings to the under-construction Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills. And to the Valley we head to check out their latest project, Woodbridge12, a condo building in Studio City. Located at Whitsett Avenue and Woodbridge Streeet, Woodbridge12, which opened for sales about five weeks ago, "represents a unique convergence of vision between developer, Elan Mordoch, and the architect," according to the official site for the project. What that convergence means for you, discerning buyer: There are 12 units, priced at $559,000 for a 1,425 square foot two-bedroom, two-bath to $799,000 for a 1,874 square two-bedroom and two and half bedroom. Eleven of the units are two bedrooms, and one unit is townhome. Among the amenities: The whole building has access to the roof deck. Sales started five weeks, and one unit is in escrow, according to listing agent Don Heller.
· Woodbridge 12 [Official Site]