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Urban Hikes by A + D, Universal Studios Redevelopment Check

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MID-WILSHIRE: The latest from A & D Museum: Buy your tickets to the following: "URBAN HIKES: FORGOTTEN LA is a unique series of tours devoted to the exploration and celebration of sometimes-forgotten parts of Los Angeles. URBAN HIKES provides a unique and enriching view into neighborhoods such as Little Tokyo, Leimert Park, MacArthur Park, Korea Town, the Downtown Historic Core, Boyle Heights and many more. The Summer 2010 Urban Hike series included, Echo Park, MacArthur Park and a dip in the LA River." There's a dude travelling the river. [A +D]

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: "Hi there. I was wondering if you know anything regarding the status of the Universal Studios development project--the one that was supposed to turn the Universal Studios space over by Barham into a Westwood-like community, but which neighbors were opposing? I've been searching to see if anything is going on with that, and haven't found anything other than your coverage from quite a long time ago. Any new news to report?" Probably just more hearings, meetings and EIR-readings? [Curbed InBox]