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Where Does Bravo's Rachel Zoe Actually Live?

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The magic of television! This New Yorker tells us that the Rachel Zoe Project, which just ended another Oscar carpet-filled season, is trying to pass off a low-rise as a sexy, modern high-rise. He writes:
Watching Rachel Zoe’s reality show lately and wondering why on earth (or in LA) they keep showing some obscure office-y looking building with the tag line “Rachel’s Apartment”? At first it was amusing and I thought she had a big privacy issue. Then it just got annoying. When they shoot inside the apartment, it is so obviously the Sierra Towers that it’s laughable. Sierra Towers has such distinctive windows and terrace railings that it’s easily identifiable. You can tell they are on the north side of the building with the Hollywood hills in the background. I’ve never been near the place and I’m writing this from the upper west side of New York City! What’s up with that? Oh, New Yorker, you don't know everything. That so-called office building is actually Wilshire Margot, an apartment complex along the Wilshire Corridor. In April, Real Estalker reported Sierra Towers could claim Zoe as a resident, while we also know that Zoe was trying to unload that West Hollywood home a few years back. But is Sierra Towers her full-time home or does she also have some sort of bananas spread elsewhere?
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